Experience the power of geo-information

Geospatial information describes, explains, and visually depicts activities and behaviors on Earth, and their evolution in time. Creating geo-information is one thing, but to turn it into actionable intelligence is the real challenge that we want to tackle with you. Our prime concern is to help you conceptualize your needs and define pragmatic and cost-effective solutions leading to operational efficiency, new opportunities and improved risk management.

What we do

We put at your disposal the full range of today’s geospatial technologies – remote sensing, GIS, geo-statistics and mobile survey devices – to design, create and deliver custom solutions that best meet your requirements.
We work for both the public and private sector.
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Who we are

GE-Data is a private consulting company specialized in geospatial technologies, with offices in the USA and in France. Our staff members are all internationally acclaimed experts, with more than 20 years of experience in Remote Sensing and GIS related projects. With diverse backgrounds, our team offers a wide range of experience and expertise to address your challenges.
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