A geographical representation, or map, is an intuitive and extremely powerful tool to easily understand and interpret large volumes of data. It enables instant comprehension of a situation, and therefore gaining time and intelligence in exploiting the daily growing information. The impact of a map is clearly superior to tables and lists of figures.

GE-Data has invented and pioneered the KMLizer technology, which allows users to model and automate the creation of dynamic, interactive and informative maps compatible with Google Earth and Google Maps (KML format). Thanks to this technology we are able to provide our clients with real time and easy to use georeporting tools.


Visualize your business on Google Earth

As an evolving technology, geomarketing takes advantage of geographic mapping for managing marketing and sales data.


GE-Data has developed the neoMapper product suite, a low-cost and easy to use geomarketing tool based on Google Earth. neoMapper provides real-time views of your market and helps facilitate marketing strategies and decisions. neoMapper converts your customer data into visual data maps understandable to all and replaces the traditional sales activity wall map with a fully automated tool.

Examples of use

• Expanding a sales network
• Monitoring and managing a sales force
• Organizing and optimizing field visits
• Reducing direct marketing costs
• Preparing a meeting or a report
• Selecting training session locations