What we do

Our team is committed to understand and to help you conceptualize your needs. We put at your disposal the full range of today’s geospatial technologies – remote sensing, GIS, geo-statistics and mobile survey devices – to design, create and deliver pragmatic and cost-effective solutions that best meet your requirements. We work for both the public and private sector.

Early stage support services

 • Conceptualization of needs
 • Analysis of technical, financial and organizational constraints
 • Information strategy definition
 • Project design

Consulting services related to geo-spatial technology

 • Technical assistance, coordination and project management
 • Support at all stages of the life-cycle of a GIS and/or Remote Sensing related project
 • Capacity building and Training
 • Design, writing and review of (Requests for) Project Proposals

Production of timely, relevant and accurate geo-information

 • Processing of remotely sensed imagery
 • Data collection: Field survey, Mobile solutions, Digitizing, Data mining
 • Map production
 • Automated creation of Google Earth/Maps files with KMLizer™ , GE-Data’s special purpose KML data generator
 • Web Mapping

Implementation of tailored and special purpose Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

 • Analysis and definition of functional and technical requirements
 • System design and architecture, modelling of spatial databases
 • System development and implementation of spatial databases